The next generation

Introducing a better way to collect data.

Replace your paper. Not your programs.

Funded by $5M in grants from the National Institutes of Health, is an evidence-based tool being developed for BCBAs who are struggling with the limitations of existing systems. The key difference in Motivity's approach is a simple but powerful modeling tool that lets you tell the system exactly how you want your programs to work.

The Power of Motion

The best tool for your individualized interventions.

Helping you be more agile and responsive to each client's unique needs.

Collect Data Your Way

Motivity's groundbreaking Program Builder lets you quickly and easily design your own user interfaces for behavior and skill acquisition data. You're in control of teaching instructions, data inputs, and mastery criteria.

Immediate Insight

Live Charts display data as it is collected, instantly. Be alerted to progress or problems as they occur. Adjust curriculums and protocols without delay, improving your effectiveness.

Fast and Reliable

Built from the ground up to be real-time, secure, and extremely reliable. Motivity performs like a precision machine in any environment. Never lose data. Never have to wait.

Intuitive Design

Concise, responsive, and easy to learn. Motivity was designed by user interface experts in collaboration with forward-thinking BCBAs around the country.

Improved Supervision

Motivity's Dashboard lets you follow your techs' actions as they collect data in the field. You can watch the results of trials as they are performed and deliver remote guidance as needed.

Enhanced Communication

Users can post questions to remote team members from the data collection interface. Recipients will see the exact context of what is happening, so they can respond efficiently.